Turkey's Tablet, Hometech

HOMETECH brings the highest quality technology to users at an affordable price. With a sales network covering all of Turkey, we provide excellent service to our valued customers.

Hometech was founded in 2004 as part of ARAL Inc., which has thirty years of history and distributes many international brands, providing the best price-performance ratio of high-tech products in Turkey and guaranteeing absolute customer satisfaction.

Hometech, which has been the primary provider of technology chain stores since 2007, has grown steadily in parallel modern technology retailing, with hundreds of exclusive stores country-wide. Hometech has also become one of the most trusted brands in the sector with investments in after-sale technical service.

Hometech introduced Turkey's first Android tablet in 2012. Hometech also signed an agreement with Microsoft and Intel in 2014 in order to use the highest quality and the most advanced technology in its products. By carrying out a number of successful joint projects, Hometech has become one of Intel and Microsoft's most important business partners.

One of the three most preferred computer brands in Turkey for the year 2015, Hometech continues investing in technology and working with the enthusiasm and dynamism to better its own achievements.


We offer a national brand of high quality to customers in an open and constructive approach in cooperation with our partners Microsoft and Intel. We look to the future with a responsible attitude towards society and an emphasis on the value of education. Based on these principles, we continue to develop our company.


To provide a high quality product with advanced technology at an affordable price. We want to become a world-recognized brand.

Our mission bases on these concepts:

Customer Satisfaction

To provide qualified and affordable products. To ensure more accessible and more efficient technical service.


To carry the brand value onward with all the infrastructure necessary to introduce a Turkish brand to the world.


To blend product and service quality with innovation as a continuation of strong Ar-Ge support and the desire of always providing better.

High Quality

To deliver high quality products to the world market with Intel and Microsoft and to become a global brand.

Incoming success with valued employees

We need people who are honest, energetic, innovative, and who share the following values in order to complete our mission:
  • • Capable of leading at all levels,
  • • Having ability to embrace change,
  • • Having to establish proper communication,
  • • Self motivated,
  • • Progressing by sharing,
  • • Celebrating success.

The relationship between Microsoft and Hometech goes back to the game and X-Box distributorship of Aral Inc., becoming a formal business partnership on Windows products in 2014. Thanks to its dynamic staff and extensive sales network, Hometech has become Turkey's best-selling Windows tablet supplier. Hometech offers the most innovative Windows tablet, two in one, laptop and mini computers to Turkey, aiming to be the leading Microsoft partner in Turkey by delivering the most advanced technologies to a wide audience.

Together with Microsoft, Hometech focuses on delivering products suitable to corporate customers' requests and projects, including custom solutions in different sectors, including education, telecommunications, retail to public and private institutions.

To meet Turkey's advanced technology needs, in 2014 Hometech partnered with the world's largest and most developed chip manufacturer, Intel. That partnership has enabled us to offer high performance, quality, and stability in tablets with Intel processors have at an an accessible price, leading to impressive customer satisfaction. The Hometech and Intel partnership continues to progress with notebook, mini, 2-in-1 computers, and other innovative products. We'll continue to develop innovative products with Intel in the future.

Hometech stepped into the sector by selling PC & Tablet and Home Electronics in 2004. We, as Hometech brand conduct business partnerships with companies of all sizes in all our product range. Companies that would like to work with us can easily be our dealer and meet end users with affordable technology.

Hometech has developed its R & D center together with Chinese and Hong Kong manufacturers in order to adapt to the new expectations and constantly renewed rules of the rapidly developing world. By analyzing the technology needs of today's era, it has accelerated the activities of developing / producing new products in this direction. To maintain the quality known and respected position in Turkey market, targeting a step further every day.

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