Why choose Hometech?

Because of 3 reasons to choose: TRUST, QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE.

Is Hometech a trustworthy brand?

First: Hometech is Turkey's brand. Domestic and National electronics company within 35 years of history with 200 employees. Quality and after-sales service standards never compromise.

How is the performance of Hometech products?

It’s an ideal computer brand for a Daily computer user. You can play some video games, listen to music, surfing over internet etc..

Also most of them has SSD disks that provides better performance.

Is Hometech cheap or expensive?

Having a good computer doesn’t mean that you have to pay tons of money. Hometech provides cool design computers with main requirements that has good performance parts.

Price and performance ratio is perfect choice for Daily basis users.

Who must choose Hometech?

Little Companies, Companies that planning to make highly cost computer investment, students and teachers, home users.