Alfa 500C

Power is under control.

Performance level at high level with new generation Intel CPU. You will enjoy your notebook on daily basis or at work.

Visual experience.

15.6" screen provides bigger work space on computer. Alfa 500C has HD Screen, you can see the difference between normal screens clearly. Also you can connect your device to TV or another screens with HDMI.

  • HD Screen
  • Normal Screen

Keep in touch.

Connect to other external devices with built in ports. Mouse, keyboard, etc… Also you can connect your notebook to a TV.

  • 3.5mm Earphone Jack

  • Sata II – 2.5" HDD - 500GB Internal Memory

  • MicroSD Card Supportive

Q Keyboard and Touchpad.

Ergonomic and ideal keyboard for fast-typing users.

  • Stereo Microphone

  • Bluetooth

  • Stereo Speakers

Pre-Installed Windows 10 operating system. Thousands of new features, beautiful user interface and more. You will love Windows 10.